Ty Lovette's Resumé

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I currently attend North Carolina State University. I came into school as an Engineering Major, but have since decided to go anther direction. I now plan to get a degree in Sport Management with a minor in either business or economics. I still plan to graduate in the spring of 2020.

Career Goals

I decided that I want to be a Sport Management major because I ahve always had a love for sports, and it was hard to see myself not being involved in them in my career. What I would like to do with a Sport Managementdegree is to work for a professionl organization, like the Washington Redskins, and to work my way up the ranks within the organization.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
PRT 266 Intro to Sport Management Fall 2017
PRT 152 Intro to Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Fall 2017
ST 311 Intro to Statistics Fall 2017