Hallo, all!

My name is Darby Madewell, and I am a freshman chemical engineering and political science hopeful with a minor in theatre. I chose these majors and minors because I'm interested in everything, and I felt like this combination kept as many doors open for me as possible. For example, I like chemical engineering because of its ties to biology and my interests in genetics. I chose political science because, when you think about it, any interaction with two or more people involves some sort of politics, so a major in political science can be beneficial in many areas. However, I am also now considering electrical engineering for its connections to technical theatre, computer science because I've recently become interested, and anthropology because it combines my interests in philosophy, biology, and history.

My favorite hobby, as indicated by my minor, is theatre. I got involved in theater in high school, starting with stage management and eventually expanding to include acting. I've been involved with shows such as "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," "Urinetown," and "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel." Most recently, I've stage managed the University Theatre production of "INK," been cast in and begun designing lights for "Story Spirits: Ghost Stories from Around the World," and work for Sewart Theatre. Contrary to popular belief, I also do other things as well, but this one is definitely my favorite.

Any picture of Trump's face

Click here to see my totally unprompted resume.
  1. Go to www.dominos.com
  2. Click "Order Now"
  3. Click "No Thanks" to whatever unnecessary offer Dominos has today
  4. Choose carryout, because otherwise I have to explain how to enter your address for delivery, which Dominos makes absurdly complicated for a college campus
  5. Enter your city, state, and zip code to identify the nearest house of deliciousness (Dominos store)
  6. Choose a house of deliciousness
  7. Select "Pizzas"
  8. Select "Build your pizza"
  9. Choose hand tossed crust, because garlic crust is the only way to go. Thin crust is blasphemy.
  10. Move on to "Cheese & Sauce." Leave the cheese the way it automatically is, but add an extra helping of Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce
  11. Move on to "Toppings," and tell Dominos to get out of here with its constant upgrades and refused to add extra cheese
  12. Click the little check box next to "Pepperoni," and leave it as the normal, all over the pizza setting
  13. Click the little check box next to "Pineapple," and change the drop down box to "extra," because you need the extra pinapple to balance out this pizza's sauciness
  14. Click "Check Out"
  15. Refuse any more obnoxious add-ons
  16. Actually check out
  17. Drive to your house of deliciousness and make puppy dog eyes through the window until your pizza is ready
  18. Thank me

Class Title Expected Grade
EC205 A
MA341 I'll let you know once I get that last test back
PS361 B+
PY208 B

Imagine something really theatre-y and that's probably what this picture was supposed to be.