Welcome to this page which displays a lot of information about yours truly! I hope you enjoy!

My name is Danielle Sumner. I am technically a Sophomore because I have 35 hours of Advanced Placement credit. However, I am a first year student. I am interested in majoring in Industrial Engineering. I chose this major due to my sheer love for mathematics which is essentially the backbone to Industrial Engineering. Also, I want to be a patent attorney, so an engineering degree can help me on this path.

My favorite hobby is swimming. I have been a competitive swimmer since I was six years old. My best stroke was the butterfly. At my prime, I practiced up to ten times per week with a minimum of two hours per practice. Although I don't compete at the same level that I used to, swimming is still a great mental break from school and also a nice way to socialize with people who share my passion for the sport.
My 1st favorite website:
Steps to Make my Favorite Sandwich:

  1. Place the bottom slice of bread on a countertop.
  2. Place a patty of beef on top of the bread.
  3. Place a slice of American cheese on top of the meat patty.
  4. Place three pickles in the center of the burger.
  5. Spread some ketchup on top of the top bun.
  6. Place the top bun to complete the sandwich.
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A+
CH 101 A-
PHI 205 B
E 101 A+
HON 296 A
CH 102 A+
E 115 S

My Hobby Picture