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This is Drew Williams. I came into NC State University with a designated engineering major but found out it was not for me and ended up switching.
I am now a freshman with a wildlife biology major. After graduating I hope to follow with veterinary school. I am leaning towards vet school due to my
like of animals and wildlife.

This halloween I went over to Franklin Street at Chapel Hill. I saw hundreds and hundreds of costumes but my favorite costum that I saw was greenman.
The greenman costume was made famous on the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Another one of my favorite costumes was three hole punch jim
as seen on "The Office." I personally went as Mario with a friend who was dressed as Luigi.

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Top 5 Favorite College Football Teams
  1. Appalachian State University
  2. North Carolina State University
  3. University of Tennessee
  4. Clemson University
  5. Univesity of Michigan