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My name is Danielle Winter, but everybody calls me Dani. I am a freshman at NC State, and I will be studying Biological Engineering with an environmental engineering concentration. I chose biological engineering, because I want to create and implement ecologically-based stormwater solutions, such as constructed wetlands, bioretention cells, and other solutions that mimic the processes by which undisturbed environments deal with runoff. Additionally, biological engineering was an enticing major, because it allowed to me study a variety of engineering majors, such as electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering, in addition to the biological engineering curriculum. Furthermore, biological engineering was the most comprehensive approach to modern environmental issues. Biological engineering goes beyond the chemistry and physics and considers ecology, soil science, hydrology, and people.

My favorite hobby is just being outside. As my major choice may have suggested to you, I have a deep appreciation and bond with nature that my dad instilled in me when I was younger. Just being in nature relaxes me and allows me to reconnect with myself and my purpose. I really enjoy trail-running, hiking, exploring different parts of watersheds, reading outside, and camping. My favorite outdoor places include Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem, the Clemson Coastal Wildlife Preserve salt marshes, the Shenandoah Valley, and different portions of the Appalachian Trail.

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How to Make Dani's Favorite Sandwich: A Hummus Pita

  1. Gather your materials: pita bread, hummus (whatever flavor you like), and any vegetables that you like (argula, eggplant, red peppers, tomatoes, etc).
  2. Slice and dice your vegetables so that they are able to fit into the pita.
  3. Spread hummus on pita.
  4. Add the vegetables over the hummus, and fold the pita in half.

My Classes for This Semester

Class Expected Grade
Computer Methods in Biological Engineering A
Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity A
Physics for Scientists and Engineers I A
Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics A
Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving +A
Introduction to Computing Environments S
Reynolda Gardens Wetland Outfall