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My name is Demond Ferguson. I am freshman registered as a sophomore at North Carolina State University. I am currently interested in Bio-Medical Engineering or Biochemistry/Microbiology. I am interesting in these majors because I am interested in the medical field. I am as interested in forensic science and physical therapy.

One of my favourite hobbies would have to be music. I love playing and writing sheet music, especially for jazz. I play the double bass and violin. I used to perform with jazz band and school orchestra. I also love to listen and discover music.

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My Favourite Sandwich

  1. First Toast Italian Herbs and Cheese
  2. Add Pepper Jack Cheese
  3. Add two heated Chicken Patties
  4. Add Saricha sauce
  5. Add Jalepenos
  6. Finish with spinach

Some Classes This Semester

Class Expected Grade
English 101 B+
Physics 205 B-
Calculus 241 A

My Hobby