Fall Break and Hobby

I have chosen an Electrical and Computer Engineering as my major because I want to contribute my fare share in the challenges and demands that are present in the twenty-first century. Due to scarcity of resources that we have in our world, the era of coal and oil as sources of energy is come to an end. Their carbon emission is also causing our planet temperature to become warmer. The alternative way to reduce their carbon emission is by using renewable source of energies from wind, solar, geothermal, and bio-energy. Computer is becoming an indispensable material of human being. The demand for computers is increasing from time to time. Taking into consideration the huge market demand for computer and electrical engineers, I wanted to pursue in Electric and Computer Engineering major.

I do not have specific hobbies in my leisure times, but I do have some major ones. I like to watch news on TV to be able update myself with what is going on in the world. I sometimes watch and play soccer games. Driving a car and traveling around the country is also my favorite one. I jog 4-5 times biweekly around my neighborhood. I also hung out with my friends and have fun time.

Snake Resume content
  1. Choose your desired pizza
  2. Decide on the size,crust,and topping of pizza
  3. Inform them if it is for pick-up or delivery
  4. Be on time for the pick-up or be in your place for delivery
Course Grade
E115 S
E200 A
E 201 B
Ronaldo 7