Daniel Schaffer

Daniel Schaffer


About Me:

Hello, my name is Daniel Schaffer and I double majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. This is my third year here
at state and I expect to graduate Spring 2018 or Fall 2018 but I really do not have any way of knowing due to my weird double major.
I am also a PTF for CSC 216 which will definitely make managing my time very interesting this semster!

What I Can Do:

Other than making painfully formatted Webpages, I have a fairly wide set of skills spread across both of my majors. Some will not be applicable to CSC 326 though.

Confortable in Java and C
Designing, building, and debugging circuits
Using C in the embedded environment

I do not have much professional experience but I plan on trying to get an internship for this summer. I am working my second year as a PTF for CSC 216 though.
I have taken ECE 306 which was a pretty good introduction to embedded systems where I built and wrote the code for a IOT car. The code for that car was written in
C for a TI MSP430 board which controlled Motors, LEDs, Detectors, and various internal modules. It was completely written by me and did not have an existing OS on it.
I am excited to learn more and to add to my Experiences.

I can be contacted at: dfschaff@ncsu.edu