Welcome, My name is Daniel Garcia!

Picture of me in a suit

Learning in post-secondary eduaction

I am in the Mechanical Engineering department at NC State University and anticipate to graduate on December of 2018.

Career Choice

I chose this major after learning more about it in my Senior year at high school when I and 2 other friends of mine decided to create an omni-Directional Wind turbine that when the blades spun, created enough energy to light up 5 LED lights and a flash light. I saw that even I can become an engineer, so I researched what kind of engineers there are and came across Mechanical, so here I am.

Skills to pay the bills

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 206 Engineeing Statics Fall 2016
MAE 208 Engineeing Dynamics Spring 2017
MAE 214 solid mechanics Spring 2017
MAE 305 Mechanical Engineeing Lab Spring 2017
MAE 308 Fluid mechanics Fall 2017