WolfPack Welcome!

My name is Dakota Chavis. I am a freshman in the major of textile engineering. I am not entirely sure why I chose this major. I plan on pursuing construction engineering because it appeals to me and I could see myself in this field. I am also contemplating going to law school and becoming a patent lawyer.

Spring break is my favorite break from school. It gives me the chance to be away from doing work and allows me to relax. Also, I get to hangout with my friends, go down to the beach and just have fun. Usually I prepare months ahead for spring break in order to have everything in order for it. Spring break has given me some of my best memories in life.

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    How to Make a Pizza

  1. Go to the store.
  2. Buy a Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Bring it back home
  4. mix the ingredients
  5. put the ingredients on a pan
  6. put the pan in the oven for fifteen minutes
  7. take out the pan
  8. cut the pizza into equal slices
Class Grade
MA241 B
MS101 A+
CH102 A+
CH101 C+
ENG101 B
E101 A
E115 S
Spring Break