Devan Hailey

Hello Everyone! My name is Devan Hailey and I attend North Carolina State University. I am currently enrolled as a freshman. My intent is to major in Environmental Engineering. The reason I am persuing this major is because I find the environment to be very important for everyone. I believe that with this major, I can affect the environment that us humans live in, in a positive way and ultimately change the world.

My favorite hobby is to be physically active in any way that I can. I enjoy playing multiple sports such as soccer and tennis, and I also enjoy things such as running and lifting weights. Soccer and tennis are my two favorite sports and I enjoy just playing the game whether it be in a competitive manner or not. I also love to go to the gym and workout with my friends. I enjoy staying in shape, getting stronger, and looking good. The same goes for running.



  1. Retrieve coupon from Gumby's.
  2. Walk to Gumby's restaurant.
  3. Give cashier the coupon.
  4. Pay discounted price with money.
  5. Obtain your delicious pizza.
Classes Grades
E115 U
Weight Lifitng A+
Calculus II A-
Fundamentals of Economics A-