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Durgesh Kumar Gupta Master of Computer Science North Carolina State University Phone : (984) 777-0569 Email: dgupta9 AT Think and Do The Extraordinary
Durgesh Kumar Gupta is a graduate student at North Carolina State University currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science. He received his bachealor's degree in 2013 from VIT University. Before comming to NCSU, he had been a part of Commvault Systems as a senior engineer where his responsibilities included designing components and training freshers. He received the award of "The Most Valuable Engineer" at Commvault Systems for the year 2014 and 2015. His research interest lies in the area of cloud computing, distributed systems and big data processing.
  1. Master of Computer Science - North Carolina State University
    CGPA: 3.83 (out of 4)
    • Software Defined Network
      Understand core principle behind software defined networks and various forms to implement it. Concepts such as MPLS, LISP, I2RS, SNMP etc. were discussed and compared with SDN.
    • Cloud Computing Technology
      Theoretically and In hands-on exercises related to performance, security, cost, usability, and utility of cloud computing solutions were studied.
    • Operating Systems Principles
      Fundamental issues related to the design of operating systems like process scheduling and coordination, deadlock, memory management and elements of distributed systems.
    • Internet Protocol
      Principles and case studies of Internet architecture and protocols. Advanced topics like virtual switch, Software Defined Networking ( SDN ) and Berkeley Packet Filter were also covered.
    • Database Design
      Advanced database concepts such as logical organization of databases, optimization of query languages, security and integrity, consurrency control and transaction processing.

  2. Bachelor of Technology - VIT University
    CGPA: 8.86 (out of 10)
    • Object Oriented Paradigm
    • Data Structure and Algorithms
    • Graph Theory and its application
    • Multicore Systems Programming