Lions, Tigers, Bears...Oh My

Hello, My name is Devin. I'm a freshman at NC State University and intend on graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree. I choose this major, because I had a passion for chemistry and I wanted to become an Engineer, so I put them together...and yeah. That's it!

I enjoy running cross-country. I picked it up my freshman year of high school and continued running, until I got to college. I was a new kid comming into the school and was excited to meet a group of friends that I would stay with my whole time at Forestview. That exact thing did happen! After all of high school I still meet up with some of those fellow team members and go run. Running isn't that bad, really. It is all about perseverance and telling yourself to keep going. Mind over matter, is what I always say.

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    How to make and eat my favorite sandwich in four easy steps!
  1. Step 1: Go find a women.
  2. Step 2: Ask her to make a turkey sandwich.
  3. Step 3: Tell her thank you!
  4. Step 4: Pick-up the sandwich and begin devouring it.

Class Name Grade
CH101 A-
E101 A+
MA141 A

Running Man