Welcome to my Home page!

Hello, my name is Daniel Hamilton. I am a freshman at NC State. I am studying Computer Science in order to make video games. I hope to find better Game Development opportunities with my degree and doors that were once closed to me will finally be opened.

I don't work currently, but I used to work at Lenovo (before I was recently laid off). While working there, I would monitor their Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), create structure diagrams for any new live virtual environments, Jira admin/ticket-triaging, often restart servers. My dream job is to work as a Game Developer for Square Enix. I will become a Tools Programmer for their Kingdom Hearts team!

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Classes I want to take:

  1. CSC-316 Data Structures
  2. CSC-583 Parallel Computing
  3. CSC-506 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  4. CSC-562 Intro Game Engine Design

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