Devon C. Harris

My name is Devon Harris.
I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and am scheduled to graduate from North Carolina State University's College of Engineering in the fall of 2018. However, this may change if I am accepted into the Cooperative Education Program. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I am an amazing mechanic. I love fixing things. I love improving things. Simply put, I love Engineering.

My favorite hobby is cruising around on my 1700 Vulcan. I have other hobbies that I truly enjoy, but riding my bike on an open road is the tops. Nothing beats it. I love the open air, the beautiful American countryside, the power of the engine, and the roar of the exhaust. I feel free when I'm riding.

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How to Order My Favorite Pizza?

  1. Go to the "On The Oval" dining facility on NCSU's Centennial Campus
  2. Go to the "Fahrenheit" micro-restaurant inside
  3. Order the "Buffalo Chicken Pizza"
  4. Pay for your delicious pizza at the register
Omar Computer Science (AKA GEEK)
Tony Computer Science (AKA GEEK)

Here's a stock photo of my baby:

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic LT

This will be a third paragraph about animals... I love animals. Animals, animals, animals. Who doesn't love animals. Am I an animal?