Welcome to my page!

My name is Dane Hendrickson. Currently I am a mathematics major. I am in the process of changing to an aerospace engineering major. My alternate choice is mechanical engineering. I'm interested in aerospace engineering because I've always had an interest in flight and I'm skilled in math and engineering.

My favorite animal is the polar bear. Polar bears can slow their metabolism so they can go 7-10 days without eating. While they appear white, their fur is actually transparent and their skin black. They appear white because is reflects light. They are the coolest.

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To order pizza:
  1. Do an internet search for the phone number of a local pizza joint
  2. Dial phone number and describe your order
  3. Wait for delivery
  4. Pay and enjoy

Class Expected Grade
MAE 206 A-
PY 208 A
EC 205 B
CSC 112 A

polar bear pic