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David H. Henard, Ph.D. (Texas A&M) is Associate Professor of Marketing at North Carolina State University's Poole College of Management located in Raleigh, NC.

Before entering academics, Professor Henard worked several years for the Oscar Mayer and Kraft Foods USA divisions of Philip Morris Companies (Altria) where he held several R&D, sales and marketing positions. Henard has consulted with a number of companies and other organizations regarding strategic marketing and sales force issues. He has coached thousands of students in their job hunt preparations.

Henard's research interests focus on knowledge management and new product development issues. Namely, his research looks at the role of knowledge and knowledge workers in corporate R&D environments. Professor Henard also has a complementary research interest in the impact of corporate communications on customer perceptions of companies. Henard's research has been funded by the Marketing Science Institute, Procter & Gamble Corp., and North Carolina State University. His work is published in journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Product Innovation Management, the Journal of Retailing, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Research-Technology Management, and Public Relations Quarterly.

Henard's graduate teaching experience includes a course on Communication & Business Relationships, which focuses on ways that technologically-oriented managers can effectively interact with a variety of internal and external constituencies, or stakeholders. His undergraduate teaching experience includes courses such as Professional Selling, Advanced Sales Applications, IMC, Advertising, and Product Management. He is the recipient of several department, college, and university level awards for teaching excellence and is a member of the North Carolina State University Academy of Outstanding Teachers as well as the Poole College of Management Board of Advisors Professor.


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