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My name is Doug Kennedy, and I am a sophomore majoring in Mathematics. While I am currently a major in Mathematics, I am planning to change majors to Statistics with a minor in Accounting. I like Statistics because I have always enjoyed and been very good at working with numbers.

I am currently unemployed, hoping to focus on my schoolwork. If I had a dream job, it would probably be to work as General Manager of an MLB team. Even just working for an MLB team in a way that utilizes numerical analysis would be a great situation for me, combining both my love for sports and numbers/data.

Picture of Me

4 Most Interesting Classes I'm Currently In at NCSU

  1. CH 101 Chem Molecular Sci
  2. E 115 Computing Environ
  3. HI 350 Amer Military His
  4. MA 242 Calculus III

2 Clubs That I Find Interesting

Name of Club Club Website
Sports Analytics Club Link
Adventure Club Link