Dash's place

My name is Dash Kochhar. I am a freshman here at state. I am a frist year engineer with an environmental intention. I chose this because i care deeply about the environment. To me the environment represents the natural beauty of our world, and it is our responsibility to preserve it.

My favorite break was my sophomore summer trip. I went to Europe and saw a lot of exciting historical sites. We went to Germany, France, and Holland. It was my first time being out of the country. I thought the entire experience was very exciting and informative. I hope i have the chance to go back.

My Favorite Website ninja bunny
How to make a pizza
  1. make dough
  2. Add sauce
  3. ad cheese
  4. add topings
  5. enjoy

Classes Expected grade
Ma111 A
Ch101 B+
EC201 B-

Holland flag