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Hello! My name is Dylan Moore, I am a freshman at NC State University with a Construction Engineering intent. I chose to major in Construction Engineering bacause I love to build things and work with my hands. I also love to see a finished project and remember everything that went into it to make it possible. My father owns a construction company so I have grown up around it my whole life and know a decent amount about it already.

This past summer I worked for my fathers construction company. I worked forty to fifty hours a week on a "Streetscapes" project. We built a stage for the city of Wilkesboro, a lot of this job was utility work. During this project I learned a lot of basic Construction skills and heavy equipment operating skills.

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My Favorite Classes:

  1. E 101
  2. PY 205
  3. CE 313
  4. CE 367

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      Tractor Pull Club Pack Pullers Website
      Motorsports Club Wolfpack Motorsports Website