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My name is David Hochstetler. I am a Junior at NC State University majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Despite being a Junior at NC State University, I actually just transferred to NC State for Fall 2015. I chose Electrical and Computer Engineering because I enjoy designing and building things. I am also fascinated by being able to manipulate things to behave according to my desires.

I don't have a single favorite hobby. I have a few favorite hobbies. I enjoy everything film related and watching movies. I also enjoy playing video games, socially, with friends when I have free time. I enjoy sports and athletics as well.

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  1. Put lemon juice in water (amount of lemon juice depends on the amount of water you have and your individual taste).
  2. Add sugar to the mixture (again, the amount of sugar depends on the amount of lemonaide you are making and your individual taste).
  3. Mix the lemonaide vigorously until all the sugar is desolved in the lemonaide.
  4. Chill the lemonaide until cold.
  5. Serve and enjoy your lemonaide!
Course Name Expected Course Grade
E 115 S
E 201 A
ECE 200 B