Hello and Welcome to my Webpage!

Hello, my name is Dylan Payne, and I am part of the freshman class this year. I have decided either to do a major in Computer Science or Computer/Electrical Engineering. This is because I have always been interested in electronics. I have used them since I was a child and was always fascinated by them. I may even triple and do all three.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I am actually playing one right now, well I am waiting in a queue on League of Legends right now anyway. I am capable of multi-tasking quite phenomenally, if I do say so myself. I have all the new consoles, but lately only play on my laptop. It is simpler that way.

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  1. 1. Get bread
  2. 2. Put peanut butter on bread
  3. 3. Put bread together
  4. 4. Eat sandwich
Class Grade
PY 205 B
MA 241 C
E 101 A
EC 201 A+
E 115 S
ANT 252 A-