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My major is hopefully going to be environmental engineering. I chose this because of my interest in saving the planet from the direction it is heading. I believe that we have all of the technologies today to feed the world and provide all other needs without over using our resources. With that the main reason I want to be an environmental engineer is to make everything sustainable.

One of my hobbies currently is designing aquaponics systems. I dont invest as much time into it as I would like, but enjoy solving problems that I create involving the systems. Currently I wish to develop some of my ideas into products to be marketed. The interest falls back on sustainability. I believe aquaponics to be a cheaper and more efficient way to grow food. It works through mimicking natural ecosystems. TwistedSifter
  • Drive to Jimmy Johns
  • Order Ultimate Porker
  • Pay for sandwich
  • Eat
  • Repeat
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