Welcome to My Life at NC State Webpage!

My name is Damia Bryson, though I prefer Mia. My major is Computer Science. I chose Computer Science because I fell in love with it in high school. As a person who has loved puzzles and challenges since I was a kid, I apprecaite that fact that every new assignment in Computer Science challenges a person in new ways and allows each person to figure it out in their own creative way.

I currently work for Whole Foods Market back in Springfield, Va. I am a Customer Assitant/Cashier. I have worked for the company since October of 2016. Though I love my job, I only intend to stay with the company until I find an internship and/or co-op.

Pic of Me!

Interesting Classes That I Plan to Take at NC State

  1. Kickboxing
  2. Black Popular Culture
  3. Racial and Ethnic Relations
  4. Any CSC Class

Name Link to Website
Boxing Club The Boxing Club Website
National Society of Black Engineers NSBE Website