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In their first year at NC State University, all First Year College (FYC) students take a one-hour, letter-graded course, "Introduction to University Education," USC 101A (fall semester) and USC 102A (spring semester). Your instructor for this course is your academic adviser, which gives you weekly contact with him or her. You will also meet individually with your adviser several times each semester.

FYC advisers are committed to being prepared for class, to grading fairly, and to being available to help students with their questions and concerns about USC 101A and USC 102A and about advising issues (excerpted from the course description).

This site will serve as the central location for all information regarding your section of USC 102A. You will need to leave this site for in order to view your grades. You also will be directed away from this site when you search for forum events (see Forum Series link above) and other general FYC information.


Directions to the Computer Classroom


Portfolio Requirements-Please read this document carefully

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