Welcome To My Homework Page

My name is Danyale Calhoun. I am a freshman. I am a First Year Engineering major with Industrial intent. I chose engineering because i like math and science. I also enjoy the problem solving and critical thinking that engineering teaches. I believe engineering teaches skills that can be applied to almost any profession.

My favorite hobby is dance. I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and I have been competing since I was 7. My studio and I won World Championships this summer in New York and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Dance makes me feel happy in a way that is completely different from anything else. It gives me an outlet for any of my stress in other areas. Dancing is a part of who I am.

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching My Resume!
  1. First you go to pizza hut online
  2. Then you choose delivery and enter your address
  3. Then you choose create your own pizza
  4. choose a large cheese stuffed crust cheese pizza
  5. add extra cheese and choose light sauce
  6. when you're in the mood, add bacon
  7. complete the order and enter how you will pay
  8. wait for your pizza and enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
EC 201 A+
MA 111 A+
CH 101 C+ or B-
 A woman doing a leap in a leotard