Daniel Jake Craddock's Resume


Currently, I am working on CODAing into the College of Engineering at NC State University. Once there, I can focus on obtaining a Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

The Path to Electrical

I suppose that I choose Electrical Engineering as my focus due to two things. The first was influence from my parents and peers. Everyone kept telling me that it was a good field and had plenty of growth in the coming years. The second reason was how I did in physics. Part of the class covered electrical circuits and I seemed to have an affinity for it. With this in mind now, I really didn't have any reservations about Electrical.


Class Course Title Semester
MA 141 Calculus I Fall 2016
MA 241 Calculus II Spring 2017
E115 Computer Sorcery at NCSU Spring 2017