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Hello! My name is Dean Domingo and I am currently a freshman here at NC State and currently in the First-Year Engineering major. I plan on CODA'ing into Computer Science after this freshman year. I really want to pursue a CSC degree because during my senior year of high school one of my teachers really pushed me to study it. I ended up taking a class under that teacher, and I really enjoyed my time in it. Computer Science is very intriguing to me and it is something that is virtually never-ending, meaning that there will always be something new that you can learn, no matter how experience you are.

To be honest I have never, formally, had a paying job. Hopefully when I get out of college I will be able to land a job. My dream job would probably be working at Apple or Google, working on the different software that they use and provide for others. I am sure that it would be very hard to work my way up to a huge, genius company like that, but I feel that it is always good to set the bar high for myself. But as long as I have a job in a programming/coding area, I feel like I will be relatively content with that.

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  4. CSC 116
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