My name is Dylan Fannin. Welcome to my website!

About Me

I am a Textile Engineering major at NC State. I have an anticipated graduation date of May 2018.

Why I Chose My Major

I chose Textile Engineering because it sounded interesting, and the College of Textiles is like a family. There's about 30 textile engineering students in my graduating class, so everyone knows each other and you become really close to them. I intend to use my degree to get in the Lean Six Sigma industry. Every textile engineering student at NC State is trained in green-belt and black-belt Lean Six Sigma, and there's a huge demand for LSS in industry today.

Class Course Title Semester
TE 110 Computer-Based Modeling for Engineers Spring 2015
TE 404 Textile Engineering Quality Improvement Spring 2017
TE 401/402 Textile Engineering Design Fall 2017/Spring 2018