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My name is Dan Grochmal and I am a freshman. My intended
major is Computer Science. I want to study Computer Science
because I have always been very good with computers. I have
also always have been good at building things and creating
things so I think that this major is a good combination of
these skills. Computer Science jobs are also in high demand
which is important to me when trying to get a job after

My favorite hobby is swimming, there competitively or
recreationally. This time of year competitive swimming
is more common. I am on the NC State Club Swim Team and
we had our first swim meet this passes weekend. We got
second place out of twelve teams coming in behind James
Madison University. I swam better than I thought I was
going to at the meet and swam times comparable to the
times I swam in High School.

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Class Expected Grade
MA 141 95
CH 101 80
E 115 Pass
E101 93