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My name is Douglas Guidry and I'm a first year engineering student. I am going to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I chose this major becuase I have always been interested in electronics and anything that has electrical components. My grandfather was an electrician and my dad is a mechanic so I have always been around things that are heavily involved with eectronics and wiring. I am also doing computer engineering because I want to work in the automotive industry and nowadays all cars are controlled by computers.

My favorite hobby is hard to decide so I will tell you about my two favorites. My first hobby is playing videogames. It lets my friends and I communicate even though we all live far apart and cannot meet up to hang out like we used to. I also enjoy competition which is a big part of the videogames I play. My second hobby would have to be cars. Although I do not know a whole lot about them, more than your average person but not even close to how much my dad knows, I still love working on them. I love learning new things and everytime I help my dad I'm learning about something while I get to spend time with him.

My favorite website is youtube. YouTube

My old computer broke and I lost all my files so here is a link to my old, outdated, junior year of highschool resume

  1. Toss pizza dough until close to a circle shape
  2. Spread a thin layer of marinera sauce almost to edge of crust
  3. Add lots and lots of cheese
  4. Bake in oven until cheese is melted to perfection
Class Grade
E115 S
PY 206 A+
PY 205 B+
Here is an image of my dad's 1972 nova. 1972 Nova