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Hi, my name is Dillon Herbert, and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. Currently, I am listed as an "engineering intent" student, but after I CODA, or complete what is known as a Change of Degree Audit, I will become a Mechanical Engineering student. The point of being an engineering intent student for a year is so that you can complete a list of required classes designed to gauge how well you will succeed within the Engineering program at State. It is very rigorous, and the administration wants to make sure they put students in a program where they have the highest odds of succeeding. I want to be a mechanical engineer that specializes in Marine Engineering. I grew up on the coast of NC, near Emerald Isle, and have an obsession with boats. I also love to build and take apart things, so having a job that could combine the two seemed ideal, and State can provide me with that opportunity.

Going along with my first paragraph, if i had to pick a favorite hobby, it would easily be boating. I've been doing it for years, and it is what I look forward to most during the week, like when I'm waking up early on a Tuesday morning, and I realize I still have 4 days ahead of me before I can get out on the water. Where I live, I'm only 5 minutes away from the nearest boat launch, and I also have a truck of my own, so when I'm ready, have lunch, beach chairs, and a cooler packed, I can head out and be cruising down the InterCoastal Waterway at 30mph in less than 30 minutes. It truly is one of the best aspects of where I live, and it's allowed me to understand why people come from hundreds of miles away and spend thousands of dollars to do for a week what I get to do all summer. Driving around on the water is a blast, and finding your own island and camping out for the day with friends and family is a blast. I never get tired of baking under the sun and listening to good music. For the rest of my life, I see myself owning a boat and living very close to some body of water.

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How to Fry Crawfish

  1. Clean crawfish several times with the hose
  2. Prep pot and burner stand
  3. Fill pot a third of the way up with water
  4. Dump crawfish and spices into pot
  5. Cook until shells are bright red, then let them simmer to absorb more flavor.
  6. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
History A
Economics A
Physics B+
E115 S
Golf S
Calculus II A
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