"My name is Devon Hoyle. I am part of the NCSU Class of 2019 and plan to major in either Biomedical or Mechanical Engineering. I am considering these becasue I like biology and I think I would enjoy a career in biomedical engineering. However, I also like how broad the field of Mechanical Engineering is. If I do Mechanical Engineering I will probably try to do the 5th year Master's Program."

"My favorite hobby would probably be hiking. Being from Western north Carolina, I have always lived near good hiking trails. The Blue ridge Parkway in Particular has several hiking trails with nice views. My favorite trail would probably be the Crabtree Falls Trail. It takes you down into a vally until you get to a bridge next to a water fall and then takes you up hill back out of the valley."

"I very strongly prefer dogs to cats. While dogs can be loud and even annoying occasionally, I feel like they are still much more loving than any cat. A cat does not care about anything as long as you feed it, they are completely apathetic and borderline repilian in their lack of emotional expression. Dogs display real feelings, a dog can act happy, or sad, or angry. Dogs are also much more useful than cats, most cultures learned that dogs make activities like hunting and farming easier, however cats seem to be pretty much completely useless."

Sound Waves My Resume
  1. Buy Ingrdieants
  2. Make Dough
  3. Spread into Pizza Shape
  4. Cover with Toppings
  5. Cook in Oven
Classes Grades
MA 141 A
CH 101 B
E 101 A
A Waterfall