Welcome to my webpage, I am Daniel Kosmala.

Daniel at Whistler

My Intended Major

I intend to major in electrical engineering. I attend NC State University. I plan to graduate in June, 2020.

Reasons for my Major

I chose to go into electrical engineering because my father is an electrical engineer working in robotics, so I have had a strong engineering influence my whole life. With an electrical engineering degree, I plan to have a career in renewable energy. I would like to have a career that positively impacts society, and renewable energy is a great way to do that.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
Introduction to Engineering and Problem solving E 101 Fall 2016
Calculus I MA 141 Fall 2016
Introduction to Computing Environments E 115 Fall 2016
Physics for Engineers and Scientists I PY 205 Spring 2017
Introduction to Computing Systems ECE 109 Spring 2017