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My name is Danielle Lantz. I am a freshman in First Year Engineering. I hope to CODA into Mechanical Engineering next year. I chose this major because I love automobiles, and would love to work in the motorsports industry. Racing is something I am interested in, and I hope my major will allow me to work in this field.

My favorite hobby is working out. I plan on taking at least 8 health and fitness classes so I can "Take 8 to be Great!" I love playing racquetball and doing yoga. During the summer I swim and run indoors. Cardio dance is probably my favorite type of exercise.

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  1. Go to Which Wich
  2. Pick up a brown bag
  3. Fill in the circles with your favorite toppings
  4. Turn in the bag at the checkout counter
  5. Wait for your sandwich to be made
Course Name Expected Grade
CSC 113 A-
PY 205 C
EC 205 A
Yoga Pose