Welcome to my Independent Assignment five page!

My name is Danny Murillo. I am a transfer student in Mechanical Engineering (junior standing). I chose my major because I enjoy subjects like math and physics, and this major provides opportunities for me to apply concepts from these classes in everyday life. Our modern-day life depends on people thinking outside the box in order to solve problems society faces, and I want to be able to contribute solutions.

My dream job would allow me to put into use concepts I've learned in courses such as physics or calculus. I've also enjoyed classes like intro Java and Matlab; I would not mind having a job where programming knowledge is required. Another aspect I would love for my dream job to have is use of design or 3d modeling software, i.e. Solidworks.

Professional picture of Danny
  1. GC120
  2. MAE 206- Statics
  3. Intro to MATLAB
  4. Principles of Microeconomics
Club Name Link
Aerial Robotics Club ARC homepage
Competetive Robotics Club CRC homepage