Welcome to NC State

My name is Danny O'Dowd and I am a freshman in engineering. I want to do mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I think I will be able to get a job. Also, mechanical engineering seems somewhat interesting. However, I may still change my mind on what major I want to do.

My favorite hobby is drumming. I've played multiple different instruments in my life and I really like music. Among the instruments I've played, I like drumming the most because I enjoy rhythms and grooves. I enjoy playing jazz, rock, funk, and really most genres of music. I play in a jazz band and I'm in another band with my friends.

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How to Make a Turkey Club

  1. get 2 pieces of bread
  2. put turkey, bacon, and cheese on bread
  3. put lettuce and tomato on bread
  4. spread on mustard

class grade
Calc 2 A
English 101 A
Physics A