Welcome to my webpage!:)

Drew Jones, majoring in Chemcial Engineering and i chose this because I am good in Chemistry and there are a vast number of jobs avaliable for Chemical Engineers.

My favorite hobby is riding bikes, i like to take long bike rides on my Raleigh road bike and just leave for days on end.

This is my second parhraph because i did not have a 2nd paragraph before this is will talk about what i am doing at the moment. I am sitting in a study room doing E115 homework assignment 7. The weather is suprisingly warm today.

I love dogs, they are so much better than cats. Dogs are mans best friend. I have two small dogs because big dogs are messy. My family's two small dogs live in statesville and their names are Buddy who is a pomeranian and Missy who is a Yorky.

  1. Make da doe
  2. Cover with sauce
  3. Add cheese
  4. Bake and eat
  5. Classes Grade
    ChemE 205 B
    Organic Chemistry B
    MSE 201 A