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My name is David Petrie, and I am a student in the First Year College.
My plan is to study Physics here for a major, and get a minor in computer science.
I chose to major in physics because it was the one thing I found most interesting
in high school. I like to solve puzzles, using whatever variables I am given to
find the missing pieces. I also liked computers a lot while I was in high school.
I put a lot of time into taking classes related to computers, such as computer
engineering and programming classes. Ultimately I would like to find a career that
uses both fields if possible.

My favorite animal is the turtle. That is because turtles are pretty chill. They
don't care what's going on around them, they just float along and eat some seaweed.
Turtles are awesome because they carry their house around everywhere they want to
go. Sleepy? Want to take a nap? Pow! Instant nap-time! Turtles, for the most part
don't bother anyone either. Except for maybe snapping turtles. They don't move
fast either, but moving fast is over-rated.

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  1. Get you phone
  2. Dial the number of the pizza place
  3. Tell them what you would like to order
  4. pay the guy when he shows up
    1. Class Grades
      FLF101 B
      ENG101 B
      MA241 A
      Sea Turtle Picture