Hello World!

Hello!My name is Daisy Sawyer. I am a freshmen majoring in Engineering. I am currently undecided about which type of engineering but am leaning towards Textile Engineering. I chose to major in Engineering because I love math and solving problems. I think I want to major in Textile Engineering because it would be awesome to get to create cool outdoor gear that is Textile related.

During the summers I work as a swim instructor at the pool in my neighborhood. I love getting to work with the kids because of the funny way they see the world. Everyday I teach group lessons to kids of all ages from certain summer camps. I also teach private one on one lessons.

Daisy's Email Photo and link to my email

The 4 most Interesting Classes I have taken:

  1. Intermediate Rock Climbing
  2. Physics 206
  3. Physics 205
  4. Calculus 1
  5. Name of Club Link to Club Website
    Swim Club Link
    Badminton Club Link