My name is Daniel Sodano. I am a freshman, though I brought in enough AP credits to technically be considered a sophomore. I am currently in the First Year College program. I have a few different majors I am deciding between, with the most likely being Chemical Engineering. However, due to my interest in biology, chemistry, and genetics, I have also strongly considered Biochemistry.

One of my favorite past times is running. I became interested in it freshman year of high school because my sister was on the cross country team. Its an exhilarating exercise that burns tons of calories and has you feeling good, or really bad, at the end of the workout. Listening to music during the workout also helps the time fly and the miles pass by very quickly. I have done 1 marathon, several half marathons, and countless 5ks since my running career has began.

My Favorite Website My resume

  1. Acquire 2 whole wheat bread slices
  2. Place two slices of white American cheese on bread
  3. Put 3 Boars Head ham slices on the same bread slice as the white American cheese
  4. Cover the bread slice containing the slices of cheese and ham with the other slice of bread
Course Expected Grade
E115 S
PHI340 A-