Welcome To My Webpage! My Name is Daria Talaski!

Professional Picture of Me


I am going to CODA into mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University. I will graduate in the year 2020.

After College

I chose mechanical engineering as my major because that is the type of engineering I enjoy the most and am best at. I have experience in mechanical engineering on my FIRST robotics team. This experience lead me to my passion for this type of engineering. Once I graduate I will either go into a mechanical engineering job hopefully for a company like NASA or manufacuturing with possibly General Motors or go onto graduate school for a robotics masters degree. In either case once I finish my educaiton I will be working with robots.

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 206 Engineering Statistics 2017 Fall
MAE 200 Introduciton to Mechanical Design 2018 Spring
MAE 310 Heat Transfer Fundamentals 2018 Fall