Welcome to my webpage! Here I will be discussing a little bit about myself and my interests!

My name is Dominick Vaccaro, and I am currently a sophomore in mathematics. I chose this major because I have always enjoyed mathematics and want to do something math-related for my career. I plan on transferring into either engineering or accounting, as I feel that I have the skills needed to be successful in either of these fields. If I choose engineering, I would want to work for a car company and design parts. If I go into accounting, I would go to graduate school and get my CPA and work for some financial institution.

My favorite hobby is playing the tenor saxophone. I have been playing for almost six years now and have really come to love it and jazz music. I have played in a variety of bands since first learning to play both in and outside of school. I currently play in the big band here at NC State. Some of my favorite tenor players include Dexter Gordon and Stanley Turrentine.

Dodge Challenger Cool Jazz Articles
  1. Gather materials (Baguette, turkey, mozzarella, mayonnaise, lettuce, knife)
  2. Cut bread in half horizontally
  3. Spread mayonnaise on bread
  4. Layer cheese
  5. Layer turkey
  6. Add lettuce
  7. Enjoy!
Class HI350 CH101 PY208 PY209 MA242 MUS142 E115
Expected Grade A A B A A A S
Dexter Gordon