Welcome to my dreadful homework

Hello, my name is Devon Wilcox. The current plan is that I graduate in 2017 with a materials engineering career. I chose this career because I am fascinated by the science that goes into choosing what materials should be used for certain products. My interest was first sparked when I attended an engineering camp at the University of Maryland. Also chemistry is cool and materials fits that.

It is hard for me to choose one animal as my favorite animal. However, if I had to choose an animal as my favorite animal, I would choose a bat. Bats are my favorite animal because they are mysterious. They barely have sight and must rely on sonar-like capabilities to move about. Also, batman is sweet.


How to Order Pizza

  1. Pick up phone
  2. Call a pizza place in your area
  3. Tell phone dude what you want
  4. Wait for delivery dude and pay him/her

Class Grade
Econ B
Enviromental ScienceA