My name is David Huffman and I am in a freshmen in trying to pursue a major in either biological engineering or microbiology. I have a good idea of what general area of study I want to do, but it was hard to decide. I starting to lean more towards microbiology because bacteria and cellular organisms have always fascinated me. I thought I was going to be an chemical engineer at first, but after some thinking and discussion with my parents decided that it was something that wasn't really for me. Hopefully in the summer, I get accepted to the life sciences program here at NC State.

One of my favorite hobbies is going hunting especially during the spring. I would usually go with my dad and we would either go together. I enjoyed being at in the woods and just sitting there gazing at the woods and listening to the forest. When an animal would come in and I get to kill it, you get such a rush and a feeling of accomplishment. When you bagged the animal you get to keep some parts of it as a trophy and hang it somewhere like a deer's head or a turkey's fan.

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  1. Go to Papa John's website
  2. Select kind of pizza
  3. Customize the pizza with different toppings
  4. Choose which drink you want
  5. Pay your pizza
  6. Bro down and eat the entire thing in one sitting
Course Name Expected Grade
MA141 B+
E115 B
BIO183 A
PHI201 B-
Bow Hunting a Buck