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My name is Dongin Kim but I go by my American name Brian. I am a first year here at NC State graduating in the year 2019 in the Engineering college. Currently, I am trying to get into the Biomedical Engineering department. I came upon this major when I was first aspiring to become a doctor when I realized the medical field was not for me. However, I still wanted to make a difference in the medical world and thus decided to contribute from the engineering field. Engineering has always clicked just right with my personality and I believe that this is what I'm meant to pursue. I'm just lucky I found my passion early in my college years.

At a young age, I got really intrested in music and since then, I learned to play the Piano, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, and the Alto Saxophone. Music is a close hobby I hold very dear and its a way for me to express myself on a different level. I particularly like playing my saxophone because with the amount of time I devoted into practices, I got very good at it. Now, I am able to play music by ear which means I can just listen to a song then play it. This allowes me to have full range of what I can play. Whenever I feel down I can always rely on my saxophone to lift my spirits.

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Classes Expected grade
E101 Pass!
E115 A
MA141 A