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My name is Dane Mohn and I am a Freshman at North Caroloina State University. My intended major is a dual degree in Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I first decided that I wanted to be an engineer during high school. They offered four different engineering classes and through all of them I was always interested in the material. It was from there that I knew I wanted to do engineering but I had no clue which one. It wasnt until I took my first chemistry class that I decided that chemical engineering was the one for me. After applying to North Carolina State University, I was offered an opportunity to get a dual degree in chemical engineering and paper science engineering and only go to school for an extra semester. That is what has gotten me to where I am now with my intended major.

I am someone who enjoys being outdoors and being active. My favorite hobby that allows me to do this is rollerblading. I have been rollerblading for many years and it is a good way to relax. One thing that is used to do when rollerblading was take my dog with me and let her pull me. I haven't really done much rollerblading since I have gotten here to NC State. Whenever I go home I make sure that I get a chance to go rollerblading and when I do I take my dog with me. That is what my favorite hobby is.

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Classes Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
Calculus I A
Chemistry A
E101 A
Eng101 B+
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