Welcome To My Beautiful Webpage

My name is Dharma Kae Peterson. I am in the class of 2020, but may be graduating later than that, as I plan to travel and take part in at least one internship. My major is currently computer science. I am not entirely sure, however, if I am going to stay in comp sci. It is very difficult for me to narrow down what I would like to major in because my interests are fairly wide and varied.

My favorite hobby is creating music, whether that is through chorus, theatre, or orchestra. I absolutely love theatre and hope to take part in some shows here at NC State. I also play the harp. I would really love to find an orchestra that I could play with. First, however, I have to determine how exactly I will bring my harp here from home.

I absolutely love cats and dogs. I have never owned a dog, which is thoroughly upsetting. I have, however, owned many cats. Leaving for college was difficult because my cats did not want me to leave. I hope that I can get a dog someday. My dad said that he might be getting a dog sometime soon, which would make me very happy.

Cool Math Games
Oh hey, a resume!
How to make a Hawaiian pizza:
  1. Acquire frozen pizza crust because you are not talented enough to bake actual crust
  2. Gather sauce, cheese, pineapple, and ham
  3. Apply ingredients to premade pizza crust
  4. Argue with the haters that say pineapple does not belong on pizza
  5. Enjoy your authentic pizza

  6. Name Major
    Sally Seashell Entrepreneurship
    Peter Piper Pickled Pepper Sustainability
    Harp Meme