Hello, and welcome to the internet! Perhaps you'd consider going outside instead? (Homework5a)

My name is David Kent Sheppard, a freshman here at NC State. I am a Chemical Engineering and Paper Sciences and Engineering major. I am also attempting to also pick up a minor in business. I chose my selected majors because the combination together will provide me early on with a very useful set of technical skills, as well as a general professional background. The program is also tight-knit and attentive, and really opens up doors.

The summer break after my junior year in high school, I joined a leadership training program on the Appalachian mountain range. I was trained in basic wilderness survival, and outdoor activity instruction. I worked from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm everyday, doing a variety of tasks on the base camp. After a few weeks of that, I co-led a backpacking trip of 14 11 year olds. The people were fantastic and interesting, and the environment was exhilirating. It was the best experience of my life up to that point. Though, I was always hungry.

Netflix Pandora!
  1. Get in car and buckle up
  2. Drive to Checkers
  3. Enter Checkers and order pizza
  4. Take pizza and give cashier appropriate cash
  5. Eat pizza
Class Grade
NS 210 A
MA 242 B
REL 334 B
E101 A
E115 S
Base Camp