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My name is David Axline, I am a sophomore at NCSU. I am a chemical engineering major. I chose this major for many reasons, the main reason s the job security and pay that comes with it. I am also generally interested in chemistry as well. Any other field I had considered was also science based however chemical engineering had the best prospects.

My hobbies are many, but my favorite hobby is most likely disc golf. I used to play 3-4 times a week. Now I get to play maybe twice a month or so. I usually play at Kentwood for a quick game, or Middle Creek if I have more time. I have yet to get a hole in one but have come close several times. The sound of the disc hitting the chains on a goal you cannot even see yet is both exiting and depressing like Schrodinger's cat.

Isaac Newton
Why Peter Pan is pedophile propaganda

How to make my favorite sandwhich

  1. Go to Subway
  2. Order a BMT
  3. Ask for it toasted
  4. Choose condiments
  5. Enjoy

Course Grade
E115 S
CHE205 B
E201 A
CH221 C
CH222 A
EC205 A
disc golf shot